Steel frame, Styrofoam, carved and shaped then modeled  in Cellulose cement, finally covered in  fibreglass
ABS - The Early Days

  The Concept

Comment on 'ABS - The Early Days'

It has been said that 'Art is far too serious to be taken seriously'.   That notion was one of the drivers behind than art of the Surrealist and the Absurdist movements.  'ABS - The Early Days' conforms to some ideas within those movements and draws inspiration from the work of sculptor Marino Marini.  This work was deliberately distorted to emphasis the ludicrous nature of the predicament in which the two players find themselves

The  Armature

Here the steel armature has been covered with blocks of styrofoam ready for shaping...

Pre fibreglass


Horse after Fibreglassing


  Installed at  the Swell Sculpture Festival in Currumbin  in September 2010