Allen Horstmanshof - Sculptor


The Bodhisattva and the Bull


This work deliberately sets up a paradoxical visual dialogue  between icons of Eastern and Western cultures.   The initial simple idea behind this work has evolved into a complex, layered narrative that draws on the calm, reflective nature of ancient Eastern spiritualism, with vague echoes of the Buddhist Parable of the Ox, and sets that up against the rampant raw energy of the Western market driven bull.  This narrative continues as we see these two ideals merging in the new East. 


Some might also want to consider this work in light of the Buddhist parable of the Ox.


The Concept 


Bull maquette with construction lines


The steel and wire armature of the Bull


The bull painted and mounted in a tripod for temporary support


 The Bodhisattva foam core ...


...covered in cellulose cement and detail added


The face with enigmatic smile  painted with metal paint and patinated



Installed at the Swell Sculpture Show at Currumbin Beach - 2010


Another view of the installation