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Commission for a filmset

Medium: Cellulose cement over an armature of MDF board, styrofoam and wood

The requirement was to make a sculpture using this  icon which is a supposed tattoo on the chest of an actor. The finished item is to look like weathered bronze mounted on a rough looking faux stone


The design was cut out of MDF board and a layer of styrofoam  glued to each side of the MDF board and also cut to shape. Cellulose cement was then applied


While the cellulose material was drying, the base was constructed  out of heavy timber to give the work some stability. This was then bolted to the MDF board .


The base was then covered with cellulose cement and made to look like weathered rock - the next step is to paint the icon with bronze paint and  to then patinate that with acid.

Bronzed and patinated  (The "bloke" in the backgroundcomes from a previous sculpture show -  click here to see that work)


The base of the work was made to appear to be aged stone by starting off with  a brown oxide mixed into the clear concrete sealer. Letting that dry  and then cutting it back with sealer mixed with black oxide.  Most of the latter is wiped of before it dries. A dusting of marble dust then "ages" its surface. This image gives a reasonably close approximation of the final finish



Just before the shooting of the scene began